Apple AirPods 2 Review – complete


The new Apple AirPods have arrived, and they look exactly the same. But it’s what’s inside that counts.  the AirPods 2 comes with a wireless charging case and a pair of familiar-looking buds that are smarter and faster.



The 0.14 ounce, 0.7 x 0.7 x 1.6-inch buds are still cased in glossy white plastic protruding into a long stem that’s capped off by silvery chrome. A series of diminutive dark-gray grilles adorn the head of the buds.


Connecting the original AirPods to an iPhone is quite fast and, once the buds are connected, a small widget comes up showing the battery life of the Pods plus the charging case. also, It only takes the new AirPods 3.2 seconds to connect to the smartphone while the older pair took 5.1 seconds.


Since they share the same dimensions as the previous AirPods, the AirPods 2 have that lightweight which makes it effortlessness. The 0.14-ounce buds nestle gently into my ear, never causing any uncomfortable pressure.

Audio Performance

The AirPods 2 gives better performance on sound Focus, by delivering a beautiful delicate harp that is crowded by a big bass. The Elite Active 65ts had more precise lows, which allows you to hear the vocals better.

The AirPods also deliver good audio quality, with a solid soundstage and clean vocals. However, the bass can be a little cold and boomy at times, while the highs can be somewhat recessed.

Battery Life and Charging Case

Just like the old AirPods, Apple claims the AirPods 2 can last up to 5 hours on a charge. And thanks to the H1 chip, the company also says the Pods deliver 50 percent more talk time.

When it’s time to charge, just put the Pods back into its charging case. which will give up to 24 hours in additional charge when charging either wirelessly or electricity. the wireless charging case will deliver 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talk time for 15 minutes of charge.

Siri Mood

Not only are the AirPods 2 faster, but they’re also smarter when it comes to Siri. and is the first pair of Pods to feature hands-free on Siri. instead of having to tap out your Siri requests on those long, thin AirPod stems, you can just say Hey Siri and launch the ubiquitous digital assistant.


The new AirPods offer a more stable connection. and in terms of range, it can cover a distance of 50 feet. which is not surprising as Bluetooth 5.0 has a longer wireless range and improved battery life.

Call Quality

With its four integrated microphones, the Elite Active 65t is the gold standard for truly wireless earbuds.

Apple AirPods 2 Availability

you can purchase the new AirPods 2 with or without the wireless charging case.