Apple Watch Series 4 Review and Specifications


Apple watches series 4, the newest watch ticks the usual upgrade boxes with its bigger display, thinner case, faster processor, more advanced sensors. and with the Series 4’s health features that bring it closer to fulfilling Apple’s vision of a truly indispensable device. beneath is its great features and specifications.

Apple watch series 4 Design

Series 4 is quite thinner, meaning that the overall volume of the Watch has decreased. We have the 44mm version, which does feel a little different on the wrist compared to the 42mm Series 3.

The extra width and height are noticeable on a device you’re used to looking at day after day. Given that the screen on the smaller 40mm model is actually larger than the one on the old bigger 42mm model, we think some people who previously went for the additional readability of the larger screen might prefer to stick to the smaller model this time.

Apple Watch Series 4 Screen and Speaker

The screen in a 40mm Watch is 30% larger than that in the 38mm Watch, despite the increase in body size is much less than that.

In fact, the end result of this is that the new smallest screen size is now bigger than the old bigger screen size. Good news all around the 38mm Watch was always important for being one of the few smartwatches that fit the average woman’s wrist, but it did feel limited in how much it showed compared to the 42mm. Now there are no compromises.

Now, the screen reaches much closer to the edge and has rounded corners to allow it to fit in the overall shape of the body. Apple still uses lots of blacks to blend the screen, but text and interface elements are very obviously closer to the edges.

 Apple Watch Series 4 Performance

the new processor in the Apple Watch Series 4 is about twice as powerful as that of the Series 3, given how light most of the tasks performed on a smartwatch.

Predictably enough, then, the Series 4 is super-snappy in use. exchanging between different watch looks with a swipe is difficult, and bringing up the app switcher or main menu of apps is equally quick. opening apps tend to show a little loading screen, but only for about half a second. furthermore opening the Maps and telling it to load our current location took about four seconds for everything to appear, but then it was much quicker after that.

Battery Life

It has 18 hours for the Apple Watch Series 4’s battery life, which is the same as the Series 3. The 18-hour battery life is based on a particular user profile that it’s come up with, and assumes things like an hour of cellular-only use with no phone, and generally, things that would actually make it a hardcore day of Watch use compared to the average person.

Fitness and Health

One new, very useful and smart feature in watchOS 5 is automatic detection of workouts. If you start jogging without remembering to start a Workout. The app, will pop up with a message saying that it thinks you’re out for a run and if you would like to start a Workout? and when you say yes, and it will turn out to have been tracking you since the start, so you don’t lose the first few minutes.

There are lots more upgrades when it comes to health and fitness. and there are better running features, which start to nibble at Garmin’s lead in this area.

They’re both great to have for people who are really getting into their running, but they’re still fairly basic as far as ‘advanced’ running data goes. A Garmin system can include ground contact time, stride length, vertical oscillation and loads more the provide upgrades to your entire technique.

Other new fitness features include specific workout tracking for yoga and hiking and more competition options with your contacts.

The Series 4 Apple Watch includes fall detection, which offers to call the emergency services if you hit the ground hard.

The Apple Siri

The Apple Watch has always had Siri, but you had to press on the Digital button, which was slow to summon the assistant or issue a Hey Siri command, which is quite weird especially when you’re in public.

The speed in a processor makes this process relatively quick (almost faster than on my iPhone). Siri is still Siri, so you can’t ask anything too complicated.


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