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Cleaning jobs in the USA are one of those jobs that you can quickly apply for and get with the right approach as an immigrant. If you are thinking of coming to the USA and wondering what sort of job you can do, cleaning jobs are the right way to go.

In this article, we might be gazing at a number of the various classes of cleaning jobs within the USA that you simply will apply for, their criteria, and the average salaries you’ll expect to earn.

Based on the analysis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts over 250,000+ immigrants that apply to figure within the USA every year. And there are presently several cleaning job vacancies offered that supply visa support to foreigners to get a job within the USA.


Here is the breakdown of what we would be discussing in this article:

  • Advantages of working Cleaning Jobs in the USA
  • Responsibility for cleaning jobs in the USA
  • Visas types needed for cleaning jobs in the USA
  • Cleaning jobs in the USA for immigrants

Advantages of working Cleaning Jobs in the USA

Every job has its advantages and cons that associate with it, during this section; we might be observing a number of the advantages to operating a cleaning job within the USA.

Working as a cleaner within the U.S.A., you’ll expect to fancy cool benefits contrary to what folks may assume. this is often why most immigrants leverage the chance of coming back to the USA to get a job. Some advantages you’ll hope to get will be seen below:

  • Some Days off (1 operating time off apart from Sat and Sunday), this depends on the organization you’re operating for.
  • Housing advantages
  • Customers tips
  • 401K

Other advantages could be enclosed which depend on the organization you’re operating for or the kind of cleaning job you’re doing similarly as if you’re operating freelance.

Cleaning Job responsibilities in the USA

Just as there are responsibilities that come with the other job roles, cleaning jobs go with a particular responsibility that you just have to follow if you would like to surpass your duty.

These responsibilities will be seen below:

  • You are answerable for equipment or devices among your cleaning surroundings.
  • You are to give notice to the management once there’s a desire to repair something in form of inventory in your surrounding area.
  • You are accountable for cleaning the selected surroundings (house, hotel, lounge or roads)Type of visas needed for cleaning jobs

Before we move into listing out the five forms of cleaning jobs that you simply will apply for as a foreigner, let’s quickly investigate the kinds of visas you’d want if you would like to apply for cleaning jobs within the USA.

Visas types needed for cleaning jobs in the USA

Examples are listed below:

  • H-2B Visa
  • B-1 Visa
  • J-1 Visa

To find out a lot regarding these visas, check the links as stated above and see the criteria required to use any of them.

Cleaning jobs in the USA for immigrants


Janitors is a cleaning job role that you simply should apply for within the USA. These jobs is a quite in high demand as a result of corporations needing personnel to maintain its surroundings tidy and neat.

This reciprocally would attract a lot of customers and improve the company’s bottom line. Operating as a janitor, you’d be keeping and very clean and every one surfaces.

Janitors are usually employed in corporations, schools, offices, and halls. You can expect to earn a mean monthly ranging from of regarding $2,500 and $3,500.

House Keepers

Housekeeping is one of the foremost common cleaning jobs within the USA. this is often a result of the high rate of high-class people within the USA most importantly in urban areas.

According to analysis, in areas wherever you have got. These high-class people don’t have the time to wash their homes and take care of their surroundings, thus what they eventually do is rent a housekeeper to take care of this.
Working as a housekeeper should expect to earn mean monthly earnings of $3,600.Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance staff from the word is tasked with maintaining buildings, structures, or homes. What their job entails is slightly a little different from a housecleaner.

They can be commissioned to wash a recently designed house of the company and obtain and acquire their services.

They work totally on commission. You can expect to earn monthly average earnings of range from $3,000 and $5,000.Maid Services


Housemaids popularly are square measure people UN agency add the house by cleansing its environment, disposing of the trash, and additionally tending to little children within the home.

They wash garments and perform all different homely tasks within the house. Housemaid’s earnings mostly depend on their supervisor, however, they’re expected to earn $2,500 and $3,600 excluding tax.

How to Apply


To find more specific and detailed requirements for these cleaning jobs, visits websites like ZipRecruiter, SimpleHired, and Indeed.