Galaxy Buds: How to Set Up and Use Galaxy Buds


Samsung users no longer need to be jealous of their friends’ AirPods, as Galaxy Buds have arrived and serve essentially the same purpose.  The wireless headphones pair easily with your Android phone (and non-Galaxy phones using the proper apps) and work just as well as their Apple counterparts. Steps to guide you on how to set up.

Steps to Get Galaxy Buds to Fit in Your Ear

Firstly, the things you need to do is to make sure the Galaxy Buds fit correctly in your ear. You want them to be comfortable and stay put, so try them on with the different wingtip extensions until you get the most comfortable fit.

And make sure you’re also wearing the Galaxy properly. Insert the earbud in your ear and twist to rotate the wing tip so it sits underneath the auricle of your ear. Galaxy Buds are touch-sensitive;   they will make noise once they recognize they’re inserted securely in your ear.


Steps On How to Pair Galaxy  to a Samsung Phone

These Galaxy Buds are designed for simple and fast pairing. Here’s how to connect them to your Android phone: running

  • All you have to do is to Insert the Galaxy into their charging case in the proper position. Then close the case and the battery indicator should flash, indicating they’re ready to pair.

    But you have to check If the battery indicator doesn’t flash, which means they need to charge before they will pair properly. And Let them charge for about ten minutes before pairing them with your device.

  • Open the charging case. The Galaxy will automatically enter Pairing Mode.

  • Next, your device will automatically recognize them and ask if you wish to pair the two. Tap Connect.

Steps to Use Galaxy Buds With Non-Galaxy Phones and Older Versions of Android

Using an older Android device or a non-Galaxy device, you need to download a few extra apps before you can use your new Galaxy

While on older Android devices or non-Samsung products, you simply need to download both the SmartThings app and the Galaxy Wearables app from the Google Play Store.


How to Connect Galaxy to iOS Devices


On your iOS devices, follow the same steps as above, but navigate to Settings Bluetooth once you’ve opened the charging case, then tap your Galaxy