Google Fonts- How To Use Google Fonts On Your Computer


One of the major design choices people face when creating a web site is selecting fonts for the site. Google has created Google Fonts, a library of 900 font families, that anyone can add to their system and use. And the libraries are free resource and simple to implement via HTML by embedding it into your site code.

Google Fonts

How to Search for Google Fonts

Firstly you need to know that the library is very large, featuring a variety of font types in over 130 languages. Searching for and selecting fonts is simple.

  • Go to
  • Then use the Filtering options on the right to select categories (Serif, Sans Serif, ect.), languages, and other font features.
  • Once you find a font you like you can adjust the size and see any additional styles (bold, italic, etc.) by clicking the font name.
  • Choose the font by clicking Select This Font.

Selecting and Using Fonts from Google Fonts

When you’ve selected the font(s) you want to use and clicked Select This Font you can then view your chosen fonts in the Family Selected popup in the bottom right corner. And click the  Family Selected window which will expand your options for adding the font to your website.

The Google Fonts provides copy/paste text for both standard HTML and CSS.

Browsing Speed and Security

Are you worried about how Google Fonts could impact the speed or security of your website? Google has you covered. And these Fonts actually helps product and web pages run faster-caching fonts without risking users’ privacy or security. The code generated by causes Google’s servers to send the smallest possible file to every user based on the technologies that their browser supports.

Downloading Google Fonts

The Google Fonts resource makes it easy to load unique fonts to websites, but there is also the option of downloading the fonts to use on your personal computer. It can be used for website development as well or added to products like Adobe or Microsoft Office to use in documents. All the fonts are open-source, bringing beautiful and unique fonts to you for any project.

  • Search Google Fonts for your desired style.
  • Next, you have to click and  Select This Font on the font(s) you wish to download.
  • Open the Family Selected popup window from the bar on the bottom right.
  • And click the Download Icon at the top right of the Family Selected window.

Clicking on one of those files will open a window that illustrates the font and includes an Install button at the top left.