Guidelines For Choosing A Good Smartphone in 2019


Choosing a good smartphone is quite cool because phones have grown to be one major thing that contributes so much to our lives, and it’s important we go for what is measurable and can give us value for money.

The first thing you need to do is to state your needs. as this will avoid been confused when buying the phone. There exist so many good smartphones with diverse specifications so go for the one that befits your needs.

1Go for the best combination. (Ram and Processor)

The best combination of processor and a good RAM will definitely give a great performance. There is no need for choosing a ram that can not befit the speed. the both must go vise visa.

2Your Budget (price)

pricing is very important also because no matter how a phone is good you still have to consider the amount in buying such phones. If you are able to find the features that people love to search for in mobile phones, you will discover that price remains the most important.

3Camera (front and rear)

a camera because, in essence, all smartphone users are photo freak. Selfie culture is still increasing. If you watch movies and play games with your phone, there’s one other thing which is been done almost every now and then which is taking pictures. so if you are the type that always taking pictures then cameras should be your goal.

4Screen Resolution

In the display, you have a lookout for two things, first is the display resolution and the second is pixels per inch. For current demand, your display resolution should be HD (720p or 1280 x720).  For normal use, full HD display is good but it is best to use the 2K or 4K display to enjoy virtual reality.

5Phone Memory (inbuilt and sd)

If you love downloading videos, games, and music then you will need a phone with a good memory (inbuilt) and also an external space where you can insert an sd card for better storage.

No matter how good your phone might be if the battery is not sound then there is a problem because phones generally work on battery and its good you choose a phone with greater battery life. for optimum usage.


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