How to Live Stream on YouTube – Check out this Live Streaming Technique


Youtube live stream is made a lot on desktops and other electronic devices (phones, tablets, and laptops) to broadcast videos live.

Broadcast is a great way of getting in touch with so many people in a single time and youtube live streaming have thus made it a lot easy to do so. below are some of the various ways you can begin your own live streaming.

Steps To Begin Youtube Live Stream

First Step is to Register on YouTube is by going to via your computer’s web browser.

And if you don,t have an account yet, click on sign in at the top-right corner of the page, then input your Gmail address plus password. Make sure you’re signing in with the account with which you want to go live with.

Click the “Upload” icon. It’s in the list of icons in the upper-right side of the YouTube page. A drop-down menu will appear, click Go live. You’ll find this option in the drop-down menu. after completing this you will be directed to the live registration page.

Tap on getting started. It’s a button close to the top of the page.

Select a country. tap the Select your country, drop-down box, then tap the country where you live in the corresponding drop-down menu.

Check the “Text me the verification code” box. It’s below the “Select your country” drop-down box.

Enter your phone number. Click the text box below then type in your phone number, then tap submit.

Go to your phone’s Messages section, open the text from YouTube and enter the 6-digit code in the body of the text, then continue.

Fill in any other on-screen instructions, when asked to allow your webcam or change other YouTube settings.

YouTube requires a full day to verify your account for live streaming. and once the 24 hours have passed, you can proceed with broadcasting a live stream on your computerĀ orĀ on your smartphone.


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