How to Recover/Fix Files from a Corrupted Hard Drive


A corrupted hard drive always contains important files and folders, Is there a useful method to repair hard disk without losing data? Yes. Send it to a specialist shop, and it is going to cost you a huge sum to retrieve, recover and extract all your information. The hard disk recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover files from cases of deleted, formatted and corrupted hard drive.

How to Recover/Fix Files from a Corrupted Hard Drive

Corrupt Hard Drive Symptoms that you may Encounter:

  • The file system is displayed as raw.
  • Invalid media type reading drive.
  • Windows may ask if you want to format the drive by warning disk not formatted. Do you wish to format now?
  • The sector is not found messages.
  • File names contain strange characters.

How to Recover Files from a Corrupted/Crashed Hard Drive

  • First, Choose a location to scan.
  • Then Make sure that all hard drives and other devices are connected and recognized by the software. Refresh an external device if necessary.
  • Choose the relevant hard drive partition by left-clicking on it.
  • Click the Scan button.
  • Lastly, Wait for the scanning results.

It takes a while for EaseUS Data Wizard to complete the scan, depending on how much memory space is used on the selected hard drive.

As you see, the “Deleted files” result would come our first, later it’s all lost data result.

You can try to recover lost data as soon as it shows up even though the scanning process has not finished yet.

Preview and choose the files you want, click on the Recover button to save them.

How to Fix/Repair Corrupted Hard Disk Drive

After restoring lost files from the corrupted hard disk drive, the next is how to deal with the corrupted hard disk.

The First Method is to Run CHKDSK to Repair Corrupted Hard Disk Drive

If the hard disk drive has bad sectors or internal errors, the hard disk can corrupt very easily. And if you know how to run CHKDSK command in your PC, it will be effortless for you to fix hard disk corrupted issue.

below are steps to follow to repair the hard drive.

Press Win + X, select Command Prompt

Click Yes to launch Command Prompt as Administrator

Type chkdsk and hit Enter to check errors in the corrupted hard drive;

then type chkdsk D(D is the drive letter of your corrupted hard drive); /f /r/x to let CHKDSK fix the drive.

If the target drive is a boot disk, the system will ask you if you want to run the command before the next boot. Type yes and press Enter to restart the computer. The command will run before the operating system loads, allowing it to gain full access to the disk and repair corrupted drive.

The second method is to Run a Thorough Disk Check to Fix Corrupted Hard Disk

This can be achieved through the following methods

  • Open your Computer, then right-click the hard drive and select Properties.
  • Click Tools – Tab Error checking then Click Check now
  • Select Check local disk and click Start
  • Close all running and open programs, furthermore, select the option to let the system check upon the next boot
  • then after all this restart your computer

Note: If it reports that your drive has bad sectors or clusters, don,t panic. CHKDSK command in step one will fix this issue.