iCloud Backup – Steps on How to Set Up and Backup iPhone to iCloud


Data are been kept across many computers and devices, and it has been a challenge which requires syncing that is been add to software or a lot of coordination. But the Apple’s web is been back up by iCloud, with the data storage and syncing service backup,  that shares data like contacts, calendars, emails, and photos across so many computers and devices, making them easy.

iCloud Backup - Steps on How to Set Up and Backup iPhone to iCloud

The iCloud backup must be connected to your device, so each time it been connected to the internet it will make changes to enable the apps, that is those changes are been done automatically.


How iCloud backup works

  • An Apple ID/iTunes account.
  • A Mac running OS X 10.7.5 or higher, OR
  • A PC running Windows Vista or 7 or higher and Control Panel, OR
  • An iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 5 or higher, AND
  • iTunes 10.5 or higher
  • To use the web-based  apps, you’ll need Safari 5, Firefox 21, Internet Explorer
  • Assuming you’ve got the required software, let’s move on to setting up,

Set up iCloud on Mac & Windows

iCloud can be used without connecting your desktop or laptop computer to it. It has great features for iPhone and iPad users but you’ll probably find it most useful if you’re syncing data to your computer, too.

How to use iCloud on Mac

Setting up iCloud on a Mac, there is very little thing you need to do. If you have OS X 10.7.2 or higher, the iCloud software is built right into the operating system. As a result, you don’t need to install anything.

  • To access your settings, click on the Apple menu in the top left corner and choose System Preferences.
  • You may already be signed in to your account. If not, sign in here with your
  • Apple ID/iTunes account.
  • How to Set up on Windows
  • Unlike the Mac, Windows doesn’t come with iCloud

 Set up iCloud on Windows

Unlike the Mac, Windows doesn’t come with iCloud built in, so you need to download iCloud backup Control Panel software.

  • Download the iCloud Control Panel software from Apple.
  • Install the software.
  • Once that’s done, you can now launch the iCloud control panel
  • Sign in with your Apple ID/iTunes account.
  • Check the box next to each feature you want to enable.
  • To learn more about the features of backup while deciding if you want them enabled, check out step 5 of this article.

 Use iCloud on IOS Devices

iCloud Settings
All iOS devices–the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch–running iOS 5 or higher have iCloud built in. As a result, you don’t need to install any apps to use the iCloud backup to keep data in sync across your computers and devices.

  • To Access your iCloud backup settings and your IOS Device
  • Tap the Settings app
  • Depending on the choices you made during your device set-up, backup may already be turned on and you may already be signed in. If you’re not signed in, tap the Account field and sign in with your Apple ID/iTunes account.
  • Move the slider to On/green for each feature that you want to enable.

Programs That Back up  ICloud

The following programs have backup features built in. For most of them, you just need to turn the backup feature on to have their contents uploaded to backup.

For full system backups, you can select a backup and then click Delete (on desktops) or tap the backup and Delete Backup (on iOS). You can only do this if you are sure you are not in need of it.  this is only advised if you have a newer backup and want to save space.

On Mac and Windows: Open the backup System Preference (Mac) or Control Panel (Windows). Click on Manage and then Buy More Storage. Then you have to click on the upgrade you want and then click Next. Enter your Apple ID password and click Buy to upgrade. Once you have backup enabled on your devices and have configured the backup (if you want to use it), here’s what you need to know about using each -compatible app.

If you have an email address (free from Apple), enable this option to make sure that your email is available on all of your backup devices.

It enables you to all compatible calendars when it been saved in sync When it’s been save on the  Calendars.