Best Party Game Apps For iPhone Users


The iPhone party apps consist of fun games belonging to diverse genres to satisfy your needs. Move ahead of the tunes and decoration, if they are proving too ineffective with the help of these iPhone party apps. Entertain your guests with these iPhone Party Games, those are far engaging and interactive at all levels. Most of the apps are family oriented allowing you to enjoy with each guest irrespective of their age.

A few of the popular iPhone party apps are here that can easily lighten the mood and live up the party.


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What Would You Choose? Rather

An addicting yet fun game, What Would You Choose? Rather is an app that examines your presence of mind. The player has to make a choice between the two difficult circumstances that no connection between them. Coming with hundreds of scenarios and all of these are the best-handpicked ones.

Vote for your favorite one and see the real-time statistics to which one is more accepted. The iPhone party app is updated on a regular basis with more content to give you an entertaining experience. Suitable for every person from child to adult, the app comes with family-friendly questions. Start conversations and make the party more fun as well as entertaining.

Just Dance Now

Move your body like mean it, Just Dance Now is an interesting app among the available iPhone party apps. Experience and enjoy the greatest songs of Just Dance along with choreographies without a gaming console. Just you need an active internet connection as well as your smartphone to experience the fun present inside the app.

Triple Agent For iPhone Apps

Want to play a game that is entirely out of the league of basic party games, then Triple Agent is the one to look out for. A unique iPhone party app and iPhone game app, Triple Agent is all about deception and espionage. Playable with four or more players, the party game is completely filled with hidden identities, backstabbing, bluffing and judgment.


Love music, then choose Smule to bring your party and guests singing together with the hits. Featuring duets from popular artists like Ed Sheeran and others, the app allows the person to sing along as well as in groups without any issue. The audio effects and video filters ongoing with the lyrics make the singing more attractive.


Spaceteam is a unique co-operative party game for 2 to 8 players. Requiring a mobile device whether it is a phone or tablet, it is for the people who want to move over the normal iPhone party apps.

The players have to use the random control set of buttons, switches, sliders, and dials to explode the ship of opponents. Co-ordinate with the teammates before the time runs out and outrun the exploding star before it hits you. Work as a team more likely as Spaceteam to outlast your opponents. The untimely demise of the players and gameplay is a great app for big as well as small parties.

Heads Up! For iPhone Apps

The fun and hilarious game that can energize almost any decimating party, Heads Up! is such an app. From naming the popular people to singing and much more for the people. The game is all about guessing the word that is on the device placed on the forehead of the person.

Play with one friend or a hundred at the same time. Choose the exciting one among the available ones, and draw a new card by simply tilting your phone. It was played by Ellen DeGeneres on her show, the iPhone party app is called sensation as well as best party game by many publications.

Psych! For iPhone  Apps

Coming from the team behind ‘Heads Up!, Psych!  which is an exciting iPhone party app for the guests and host of the party. Among the available categories, you can select the one that you find fun and every player has to give a fake answer to the real questions. Most of the categories and questions are trivia-based in the app.

The other players guess the right answer to earn the point and every wrong choice gives another player the point for choosing their answer. A perfect app for game night and road trips, the app comes with interesting questions allowing you to give quirky answers.


Best Party Games for iPhone Users

Almost every person now and then, organizes a party in his or her house. It takes a lot for a host to make the party interesting and intriguing for every guest welcomed to the place. No one wishes or wants a dull party to be part of the experience whether you are the host or guest. Turn your house party into a great and happening affair through the use of your iPhone and some extraordinary iPhone party apps.

Just your handheld device and a couple of party apps are all you need to turn the boring party all around. The iPhone party apps allow you to make the guests be in a good mood during the party. Keeping each and every guest happy as well as engaging is quite a difficult task, however with a good party app, all of this is easy. Time of traditional games like Monopoly and etc has gone and the new varieties of games have changed the scenario entirely. Mobile gaming is the current trend and with the perfect iPhone app, you can easily take the full benefit for your party.


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