Top 8 Workplace Safety Rules 2023


Working in a safe environment tends to increase work productivity and effectiveness. Observing the workplace safety rules laid down in this article would definitely contribute to that.

We have outlined the top 8 workplace safety rules that you should take note of:

1. Tidy your workspace

Working in an environment that is dirty and unkempt can be dangerous to the workers and services rendered.


When an office space is littered with papers, fluids, and various boxes, this could cause a certain accident if care is not taken. Based on research people tend to work effectively in a clean environment.

Tidying your workspace is one of the workspace safety rules that should be emphasized. You can accomplish this by employing a janitor that makes certain sanitation rounds.

How this work is that he is assigned to clean the office at certain periods during the day.


2. Emphasize Employee Hygiene

Office space is a combination of people from different walks of life. Employee hygiene should be something that is emphasized especially for companies that deal directly with clients.

To prevent the case of employee conflict due to one employee not hygienic enough for another, this is why employee hygiene should be emphasized.

Steps should be taken to ensure they are enlightened on this. This in return could also prevent the spread of any bacteria or fungi from one employee to another. The provision of hand sanitizer should be a priority.

3. Conducting Office Walkthroughs

Certain people should be assigned to perform office walkthroughs during office hours. This is whereby a group of employees moves around the office ensuring all protocols are followed.

In the event that they notice anything out of place, the attention of someone should be gotten. Office walkthroughs should be carefully organized at certain times of the day in order to prevent distracting the employees.

4. Specialized Machinery should be used by Professional Only

This has been a leading course of problems in some companies of industries. Accidents can easily take place when employees who are not trained to use machinery do so.

If an employee doesn’t have the necessary skill or experience to use such machinery, they shouldn’t be allowed to do so.

This would ensure not just their safety, but the safety of all other employees in the company.

5. Conduct Emergency Drills

It is surprising to note that some employees don’t know what to do in the event of a fire outbreak. This should really not be acceptable.

This is why conducting emergency drills should be a high priority in an office workspace. Make sure each employee knows what to do in the following event:

  • Fire outbreak
  • Chemical spill
  • Accidents
  • Robbery

Getting your employees familiar with these drills could very well be the difference between life and death.

6. Taking Short Breaks

Working long hours at a stretch could result in inefficiency in a company. When employees are not given or allowed to take breaks when appropriate, this could be disastrous to the efficiency and productivity of the company.

Well-rested employees would be in the right frame of mind to conduct and focus on the task at hand, providing effective services to your potential customers.

7. Always report suspicious activity within the Company

Employees should be familiar with most of the people working in the company. If they are not able to identify a person or they feel someone is somewhere that they shouldn’t be, they are obliged to report the such person.

Suspicious activity is something employees must be aware of, this would drastically reduce the level of theft or sabotage within the company.

Certain competitor companies could be responsible for breaching a company in order to conduct corporate espionage or sabotage against such a company.

Awareness should be done so employees can report any suspicious behavior or sitting within the company.

8. Dressing Appropriately

Last but not least on our list is making sure your employees are dressed appropriately. Employees are required to dress in a manner that fits the company’s principles and protocols.

If you are working in a production and manufacturing company, you shouldn’t dress like someone working in a corporate banking sector, which is also different from someone working for a construction agency. You would be required to wear certain protective gear or suit.

Different fields call for different dress codes. This should be clearly stated when a person is employed.


These workplace safety rules should be implemented within the confines of not just a corporate office but also in all types of industries.


For a company to be running at full speed in terms of productivity, these workspace safety rules should be followed in the letter.