How to Sell your Products using Facebook Market Place


Facebook Marketplace is a literal marketplace. It’s an open exchange, where you can post stuff for sale or buy new and used items off people within your local area.

There are over 20 million new items in the Marketplace, ranging from cars, video games, clothes, shoes and so many more.

The platform is very easy and friendly. When you find something of interest, just click to message the seller and you can begin your purchase from there.


Each item might have a few pictures and a short description. But, it’s up to you and the seller or buyer to figure out the transaction details.below are the breakdown of guidelines to begin and successful start selling your items.

1. Do Your Research

Before you start listing your items, poke around Facebook Marketplace and see what people near you are selling and what prices they’re asking for. Look at your competition and determine the demand, then do what you can to differentiate yourself and your product, especially if there are several other, similar items for sale.

2. Don’t Get Attached

“It’s common for people to ask for discounts, so don’t be offended when someone wants to negotiate,” Kayley says. Remember that your goal is to part with the item. Focusing on making any profit, rather than getting the biggest profit possible can increase the number of sales you make.


3. Make Your Work Look Good

Obviously, you put time, effort, and maybe a little bit of money into your craft, but if that’s not highlighted in your listing photos, it doesn’t matter.

Good photography is very important, and make sure your picture stands out from all the rest.

4.Increase brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness is the fastest and easiest way to increase sales. Because people won’t buy if they don’t know or trust you.

That means you need to increase the number of people who know who you are. You need more people to recognize your name.

And you need to make it easy for them to discover you when they’ve never and also include a local address for easy access.

5.Build trust prior to purchase

Trust makes all the difference in a transaction. It’s literally the difference between a sale and a pass. That’s why people look for known brand names when deciding to purchase.

Most of Facebook Marketplace sales will come through an individual’s profile.which is most times not secure or trusted.

and by building trust it helps people see exactly who they’re doing business with.and also helps them answer other questions by not necessarily calling or visiting you.

6. Be Willing to Negotiate

People will want to negotiate, showing you’re flexible on the price will make the buyer willing to patronize your product. but when pricing you still need to apply knowledge so as to avoid you been seen as cheap or too anxious to sell.

7. Sell more products

The entire goal of Facebook Marketplace is to sell products. However, it’s not always that easy in reality.


And a one-off product sale won’t promote your business. You need to sell dozens of products. Maybe even hundreds to make buyers recognize you.