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A Travel nurse is a registered nurse who does short-run roles at hospitals, clinics, and different aid facilities around the world. Traveling nurse jobs facilitate filling gaps in an area wherever there are nursing shortages, and as a result, the typical travel nurse pay may be quite high!

With everything happening right away, additional and additional nurses are considering going into travel nursing to assist within the areas that require it most. Nurses will expect to envision abundant above-average pay packages right away.

But, there are still a variety of things you wish to contemplate which involve your travel nurse pay.


Requirements for a Traveling Nurse

Travel nurses are expected to have a number of necessities before going into such a profession, together with being a nurse with a license, you’d require a number of years of nursing expertise. They would not like any extra certifications or credentials aside from those they have for their specific specialty.

Salary for a Traveling Nurse

Under traditional circumstances, several travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week.

Travel nurses will usher in over $50 per hour, and company-paid housing accommodations. Creating it entirely potential for travel nurses to form run over $100K per annum.


Travel Nurse Salary by State

StateAverage Yearly SalaryAverage Hourly Salary
New Hampshire$114,727$55.16
New Jersey$97,720$46.98
New Mexico$89,382$42.97
New York$118,145$56.80
North Carolina$74,285$35.71
North Dakota$93,741$45.07

Benefits of Working as a Traveling Nurse

  1. High-pay
  2. Traveling the globe
  3. Creating new friends
  4. Gaining expertise
  5. Flexible
  6. You get to decide on your journey
  7. Job Security
  8. Time off

Factors that affect a Traveling Nurse pay

In addition to crises things like those we’re facing right away, there square measure variety of different factors that may influence what quantity you’ll be able to expect to form as a travel nurse. These include:

  1. Location – the precise location of the assignment most heavily influences travel nurse pay. Simply put, pay rates typically mirror the price of living within the space and conjointly regional trends.
  • Which states pay the foremost for travel nurses? Traditionally speaking, the best-paying states for travel nurses embrace Calif., Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, and the big apple.
  • Southern states tend to possess lower living prices and, in turn, lower travel nurse pay.
  • Areas that are thought-about “destination locations” (like Hawaii and Florida) could pay lower. Though, with rapid-response assignments, this isn’t invariably the case.
  • The COVID pandemic has inflated travel nurse pay with high-demand areas paying over $10,000 per week.
  1. Specialty – The travel nurse’s specialty conjointly impacts pay. Non-specialty nurses like the medical/surgical and medical specialties square measure usually paid a lower rate than specialized nurses.

What are more, specialized nurses with extremely asked-for skills and credentials have the power to earn additional moneymaking pay with ostensibly endless opportunities.

  1. Shift – If you haven’t noticed, night shift assignments square measure additional current within the world of travel nursing.

The nice news is that several hospitals supply higher rates for night shift assignments. If you would like to form the foremost cash, flexibility is essential.

A word of caution, if the night shift isn’t your issue, no quantity of cash is priced for your safety, happiness, or license. If you give higher patient care throughout the day shift, follow that. Your patients can thank you.

Top five Tips for Traveling Nurses

1. Realize Your Own Housing

We suggest taking a housing regular payment and securing your own housing. this may offer you the liberty to decide on your worth purpose.

Agencies can typically house nurses in pricier accommodations (they have a name to uphold.) in addition, agencies sign company leases that escort a “corporate” tag.

Some agencies are able to supply free housing if you keep one in all of their most well-liked hotels. Most different agencies don’t cowl this value outright, though, they’ll assist you to set it up.

2. Be Open Minded

If a stipend is your motivation, flexibility is essential. Typically the best paying assignments pay higher as a result of they’re not the foremost ideal.

They’ll be in an exceedingly fascinating location or on a tough-to-fill time shift, like nights or variables.

Though it’s not invariably the case, nights, variables and weekends could escort higher pay or shift differentials.

3. Work With agencies that are familiar with their High Pay and Transparency

Every agency is completely different and can structure its pay packages otherwise still. Transparency is essential.

The foremost trustworthy agencies can publish their compensation packages in public and can disclose salaries. This target transparency permits nurses to skip the negotiating or investigative step and speedily decide if the position is true for them.

Furthermore, trade jargon and terms like “blended rates” get confusing. Negotiations will increase confusion and result in mistrust between nurses and recruiters. That’s why operating with agencies that don’t allow negotiations could encourage the simplest agencies to figure for.

They seemingly offer the nurse their best rate from the “get-go” and thus even have no space left for negotiations.

If you’re able to talk over with a recruiter, why weren’t they providing you their best rate from the beginning? one thing to contemplate.

4. Check that Your Profile is Up-to-Date

Top-paying travel nursing assignments escort a timestamp — they’re in high demand and competition is fierce.

Truth is, agencies can’t merely submit you for employment simply because you would like to be thought about. They virtually have to be compelled to “sell” their skills to the hospital.

5. Work with Multiple Agencies

The truth is, no agency can have assignments obtainable in each location within the USA. More truth, some hospitals pay every agency at a distinct rate and native agencies could have higher relationships with the hospitals in their space.

The bottom line, it’s a decent plan to figure with multiple agencies, and this may increase your opportunities.


Word of recommendation, if you’re employed with multiple recruiters, don’t be shady. Be honest with them regarding one another. Don’t “pit” them against one another. And, by all suggests that, detain bit with them notwithstanding you don’t opt for their assignment (this time). the likelihood is they’ll wish to figure with you once more in the future. Who knows, you would possibly even create a brand new friend!




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