How to join the US Military and its Benefits


Joining the military, for most, is a life-altering call. Some guys and gals are aware of it from the start: they try to be involved in part of the military, Navy, Air Force, or Marines from an awfully young age. Yes, even the Coast Guard too. Others, on the opposite hand, aren’t too positive if it’s the correct path for them.

The U.S military includes the military, Air Force, United States Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and area Force.

The Army offers a spread of opportunities to people fascinated by serving their country and gaining valuable expertise.


If you are considering connecting with the military, it should be helpful to find out about a number of the benefits you stand to gain.

10 Benefits of joining the Military

Here are ten potential advantages of joining  the U.S. Army:

1. Skills and Coaching

The U.S. Army will give you valuable coaching in self-discipline and response, which you’ll apply to a good style of a career within the civilian sector.


You’ll additionally develop your cooperation and collaboration skills by operating in teams and finishing missions. As you progress in rank, you’ll additionally gain leadership skills, together with delegation.

Organization, precision, responsibility, and communication are alternative useful transferable skills that you simply could gain throughout sometime within the Army. you’ll apply these skills to vary} of management and leadership positions in an exceeding range of industries.

2. Instructional opportunities

The Army offers many advantages to assist you to receive associate education throughout or once your service, together with tuition help and loan compensation programs. These advantages will assist you to gain extra skills and information. a number of the advantages the military offers include:

  • GI Bill: The GI Bill is accessible to U.S. Army troopers and veterans United Nations agency served on active duty for a minimum of ninety days and the United Nations agency has high school credentials. It entitles them to sure advantages and may facilitate getting hold of their tuition, permitting them to attend faculty, middle school, or tech.
  • Financial aid: the military additionally offers a spread of monetary aid opportunities to assist active duty, reserve, or Army National Guard troopers. These opportunities give tuition compensation and therefore the cancelation of sure student loans.
  • Reserve Officers’ coaching Corps (ROTC): Reserve Officers Training Corps is a company that provides scholarships to students United Nations agency needs to hitch the U.S. Army as a politician. It permits them to earn a free faculty education reciprocally for an eight-year service commitment upon graduation.
  • Inexperienced to Gold: The Army’s Green to Gold program provides tuition help to active-duty troopers, permitting them to finish a baccalaureate or academic degree program. As they complete their degree, they’ll additionally earn a commission as a military officer.
  • Certifications: within the Army, troopers could have the chance to earn a spread of certifications from the military Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL). These certifications are useful for a spread of positions in each the military and therefore the civilian sector.
  • Postgraduate scholarships: The U.S. Army additionally offers graduate-level scholarships to those who need to review law or medication or attend seminary college. Two-, three- and four-year military scholarships area unit obtainable for candidates United Nations agency fulfill sure criteria

3. Pay structure

U.S. Army personnel have the chance to earn a wage as they might within the civilian sector. full-time noncommissioned troopers will earn basic pay or a base quantity.

This quantity varies counting on rank and knowledge. Higher-ranking troopers with additional expertise have the chance to earn the next wage.

The longer you serve within the Army, the additional chance you’ll get to advance in rank and earn additional. If you choose to earn a degree and become a military officer, you’ll be able to increase your earnings.

4. Bonuses and allowances

The Army offers a spread of bonuses and allowances to incentivize longer service. Active-duty troopers will receive free allowances that get hold of their value of living, food, covering, and moving expenses.

Family separation allowances are obtainable. the military additionally offers up to $50,000 in time period bonuses surely jobs.

Reserve and active-duty U.S. Army personnel earn a spread of extra bonuses once they develop sure specialized talent sets.

5. Leadership and advancement opportunities

The Army offers varied opportunities for you to advance into leadership roles and facilitate others to increase their skills and improve their discipline.

In the Army’s nine-week military training program, you’ll study the branch’s basic tenets and receive the chance to demonstrate your leadership potential.

While serving within the Army, you’ll be able to increase your rank and gain extra opportunities to steer and mentor others and advance your career.

6. Backed homeownership

The Veteran Affairs (VA) loan federal program helps people who are presently serving or antecedently served within the Army receive higher loans and terms once getting home.

The VA’s home loans will build it easier to possess a home with zero deposit. VA loans area unit obtainable to active-duty troopers United Nations agency served for a minimum of six months.

A reserve soldier will apply once six years of service unless ordered to back to active service.

7. Medical coverage

The U.S. Army offers high-quality healthcare advantages to active-duty troopers, together with dental, vision, pharmacy, and life assurance coverage. Coverage for military spouses and youngsters is additionally obtainable.

Part-time troopers can even get pleasure from low monthly prices. enclosed within the Army’s in-depth medical coverage area unit access to military hospitals and clinics at bases around the world, each in-network and out-of-network health care choices and a spread of programs and services for families United Nations agency have youngsters with special desires.

8. Work-life balance

The Army offers active-duty troopers thirty days of leave every year, permitting them to pay time with their families.

Family advantages like paid parental leave are obtainable to troopers who have family obligations and need an explicit quantity of your time off.

While the military needs troopers to possess some schedule flexibility, it should additionally provide them the possibility to regulate their operating hours and schedules, counting on their rank.

9. Veterans’ advantages

After finishing your service within the Army, you’ll get pleasure from a spread of extra advantages for veterans, together with travel, eating house, and edifice discounts.

The Army’s Transition help Program (TAP) will assist you to prepare to go away from the military. the military additionally offers employment resources to assist you to develop your resume and application.

Through the VA, you’ll access free personal and psychotherapy, mental state treatment programs, and drug and alcohol treatment opportunities.

10. Retirement advantages

The Army’s Thrift Savings set up (TSP) functions equally to a 401(k) setup, permitting you to save lots of little quantities of your payroll check for your retirement.

If you permit the military, your account remains open, and you’ll still add cash thereto.

The Army additionally offers eligible troopers the chance to receive a pension, permitting them to earn a set payroll check once they retire. To qualify for a pension, you would like a minimum of twenty years of active-duty service.

11. Travel the World

By joining the Military, you have the opportunity of traveling the world. You move from one country to another in the service of your country and for the purpose of peacekeeping wherever it’s needed.

You would however need to partake in the entry test known as ASVAB. The ASVAB is a calculated, multi-aptitude test, which is taken in over 14,000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) nationwide.


An additional bonus benefit is that you have access to obtaining citizenship. If you have served for at least a year in the U.S Military, you have access to obtain a US citizenship through what is called Naturalization under certain criterias of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)




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