How to Become an SEO (search engine optimization) – complete


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used in digital marketing for a long term result in terms of boasting traffic on a website. Unlike the paid marketing techniques like affiliate marketing and google ads. which are expensive and short term, SEO requires dedication, time, effort, and most importantly in-depth knowledge of the SEO.

To become an SEO expert is a skill which you can learn and helping you to achieve better search results for your keywords and website. also, You can choose to offer services to others if you have the skills of an SEO expert. below are some steps for becoming an expert.

How the SEO Search Engines Work

The major step for becoming an SEO expert is to learn about search engines. Understanding how search engines work is key. Because the whole concept of SEO revolves around the search engines.

Although Google has completely dedicated a page on the working of search engines. This page is quite explanatory, which you should go through to get a thorough knowledge of SEO.

Learn About Content Writing

Content is at the very core of the SEO, it is the king of the entire online world. The only reason search happens on the internet is because of the content. So, you need to learn the content writing, and how you can write LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) content.

Old black hat techniques like keyword stuffing, link farming, etc., are now redundant. And using those techniques may result in penalization of your website. What works now is relevant content, which the users can consume. Hence, spending your time to write good quality content would help you in your SEO task and get better results in the search engines. Google prefers the content written with LSI.

Study About Keyword Research

Keywords are the main ingredient into the content which makes them appear in the searches. Hence, keywords should be researched very well and you should make sure that the keywords are included into the content, meta tags, title, alt image tags, etc. so that the search engine bots can thoroughly read and index your content.

Though keyword research is the most complex part of the SEO. You should spend your time researching the keywords because better your research better would be the results. Here is a quick guide you can refer to for the keyword research.

Know what an SEO is

Simply putting SEO is not just about content, keywords, and link-building, it’s much more than that. The real objective of the SEO is to provide users a great experience, informative content and giving them exactly what they are looking for.

As an SEO expert, your goal should not be to just about getting more search engine traffic (organic traffic) but it should be about converting that traffic into recurring visitors and customers.

Obtain the right Training

Internet is an ocean of the information and finding the right information from the internet is very tough. When you want to search for information on the internet about SEO you will find thousands of websites, but obviously, you won’t have that much time to go through each and everything. So, you need to consume the right content which enhances your knowledge and doesn’t waste your valuable time.

It’s better to learn from the best in the industry, either it is one-on-one training or whether it is from the writings of the SEO experts and industry reports. There are a few good SEO training institutes which can help you learn faster and save you time and money too. Your chances of making mistakes go down in that case.

But, if you choose to learn on your own you can do that as well.

Always Choose the Right Tools

Accept it that you cannot do everything manually in SEO. Because if you want to do that you will end up wasting a lot of your time on analyzing numbers, data, keywords and other things and chances are that you would make some mistakes in the calculation. But, if you use the right SEO tools you save your time and expect better results.

Most of the good tools are paid but in the long run, they return better results which are worth the cost. There are a lot of tools for different purposes.

 Keep Practicing

The more you practice more you become perfect in it. You can’t be sure on the SEO until you use it practically. It is best to keep applying your learnings in practice to see the results and measure your understanding.

Each website is different have a different requirement for it, hence more you work on a different type of websites more and you learn better.