Nanny and Daycare Jobs in USA


In the U. S., there aren’t any rules or necessities to be a nanny. To assist folks and nannies, the USA Nanny Association has printed standards that outline the abilities required to be a nanny with certification programs that need each coaching and work expertise. In this article, we would be going through everything you need to know about getting nanny and daycare jobs in the USA.

Nanny coaching and certification demonstrate a commitment and cause you to stand out once applying for jobs.

To qualify for a lot of advanced sitter and nanny positions, there are varied coaching programs, online resources, and organizations to support career advancement.


Trained and intimate with nannies and sitters additionally earn a lot of, consistent with the price of Care Survey. Within the survey, folks acknowledged they’re a lot of willing to pay nannies and sitters higher wages if they’d extra coaching, skills, and skill.

How to become a Nanny

When considering coaching programs, take time to analyze the organization and investment in time and value.

The quality of academic expertise depends on the instructors and once doable, students ought to learn positive discipline from a baby scientist, health from doctors, nutrition from dietitians, legal necessities from a professional, and infancy development from consultants.


Sitters and nannies with a minimum of twenty hours of coaching and one year of labor expertise will become licensed nannies.

CPR and attention coaching square measure foundational and therefore the most significant certifications for a service job. several families need these certifications to be thought of for AN interview.

CPR and attention training square measure instructed regionally and online at community faculties, the U.S nongovernmental organization, and therefore the U.S Heart Association, likewise as alternative native businesses. If you’re operating with infants or young youngsters, the child resuscitation course is usually recommended Sitters and nannies additionally take service and/or extra safety courses.

A sitter or nanny basic service educational program ought to embrace understanding youngsters of all ages, emergency designing, advance the service provider’s skills in water safety, and educate nannies and sitters on their legal necessities once operating in service.

Sitters and nannies ought to additionally learn skills that facilitate them to manage stress and use positive discipline skills for correcting unwanted behavior.

Upgrading your profession as a Nanny and Daycare employee

Career and skilled nannies ought to invest in coaching that features milestones for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and therefore the primary years.

To best support youngsters, particularly throughout the primary five years of life, categories by age level ought to specialize in physical care, nutrition, motor ability development, and enrichment activities that embrace reading and STEM.

Professional nannies have a mixture of coaching and paid service expertise. All ought to have resuscitation and attention certification, and most have completed tier 1 education courses or continuing education courses (CECs).

Nannies with a minimum of fifty hours or via credit hours of school categories and three years of labor expertise will become licensed skilled nannies.

Visa choices for Nannies and Daycare employees

The J-1 Exchange traveler visa

The J-1 Exchange traveler visa has a possibility known as the “au combine program.” Nannies are mentioned as “au pairs,” and they should be pre-approved for the program by the Department of State. In order to get nanny and daycare jobs in the USA, you must possess either the J-1 exchange traveler visa or others among this list.

This option is improbably widespread and one of the foremost common ways in which service suppliers return to the u. s. to get a J-1 visa, au pairs should endure training and background checks, likewise as meet the subsequent requirements:

  1. be between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six years old;
  2. be a graduate of a school or equivalent;
  3. be skillful in English;
  4. Have satisfactory completion of a physical examination;
  5. Be interviewed in person, in English, by a structure representative; and
  6. Have passed an intensive background check.

Because of these necessities, au pairs square measure an excellent possibility for sturdy candidates.

The family should additionally work with a chosen sponsor from the Department of State to help with the application method. The J-1 visa is valid for twelve months and might be extended if the host family requests it.

H-2B Visa for Unskilled employees

If you already grasp the nanny or service supplier you’d prefer to bring back to the U.S and you’d prefer to bring them over quickly, the H-2B visa provides an easy possibility that doesn’t need a Department of State sponsor or formalized coaching just like the J-1 outlander program.

The H-2B visa is for employers who request intermittent or seasonal employees to satisfy temporary demand of nanny and daycare jobs in the USA.

It is vital to know that the H-2B visa is just accessible to people in countries with treaties with the u. s., thus make certain to visualize the list of eligible countries before applying.

The B-1 Visa for Accompany guests

Childcare employees square measure eligible to use a B-1 traveler visa as domestic employees UN agency shall accompany U.S. citizens, positive identification holders, or foreign nationals throughout a short-lived keep within the U.S.

To get this sort of visa, each party should sign a contract agreeing on pay and edges almost like what a U.S. employee would receive, and therefore the leader should meet sure necessities.

The B-1 visa for attendant domestic is valid for 6 months, however, may be extended. This could be a decent variety to the H-2B visa if you’re involved that you just won’t be able to demonstrate a shortage of U.S. employees however request temporary facilitate.

The EB-3 Visa for Permanent Residence Pathway

If you’d prefer to explore a lot of semi-permanent possibilities than the H-2B or B-1 visas, the EB-3 visa could be right for you.

To obtain the EB-3 visa, employers should undergo the PERM labor certification method, wherever families seeking service suppliers from alternative countries will recruit and petition for a nanny to receive certification with the Department of Labor (DOL).

Once the DOL approves the PERM application for the employee, the family will file AN I-140 petition with USCIS. Not like the temporary certification that H-2B visa holders get, PERM provides certification which will change the service employee to eventually request Lawful Permanent Resident standing.


Once the application has been processed, the employee can attend AN interview with either USCIS or the U.S. embassy or diplomatic building they’re applying through and find the visa to return to the USA. Once getting into the U.S., they’re going to get the positive identification



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